25 February 2021

Digital Kiosks and Marketing - Your Strategy for Maximizing Return on Investment

When you invest in new technology such as digital kiosks, it’s important you incorporate it into your business in an efficient way. You want your customers to interact with the technology, and benefit from the improved experience, but how can you ensure this happens?   One of the ways you can maximise the benefits of your new digital kiosks is by incorporating them into your marketing efforts. Not ...

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23 February 2021

Customer Feedback - The Golden Insights You’re Missing Out On?

Customer feedback can make a massive difference to the performance of your business. Customer experience is one of the most important aspects of what you do, but if you’re not collecting feedback, then it’s difficult to know how you’re doing in this area.    Too many businesses are missing out on important customer feedback though, and it doesn’t have to be this way. Are you missing out on golden ...

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18 February 2021

What is an Immersive Shopping Experience?

There’s a lot of buzz around the term immersive shopping experience, but what exactly is it? We took a look at how retail is changing, and how technology can play its part in creating an improved shopping experience.  What is Immersive Shopping?   Immersive shopping experiences put the buyer in the middle of the process of buying a product. Rather than simply selecting a product from a shelf, the ...

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4 February 2021

What are Smart Cities and How Can Digital Kiosks Help Shape Them?

Smart cities have been something of a buzzword in recent years, but what are they, and how can we work towards shaping the cities of the future?   How we interact with the cities we live in has a huge impact on our lives and with the majority of people now living in urbanised areas, the idea of smart cities has never been more important. Luckily, technology is here to help, and digital kiosks can ...

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26 January 2021

5 Ways Universities Can Boost Student Experience Through Digital Kiosks

Student experience is a huge part of university life. It’s one of the first things students look at when they’re evaluating their options, and it’s something that encapsulates everything a university is about.    So, how do digital kiosks fit into this, and how can they boost the university student experience?   Wayfinding   We all remember frantically searching for the right building on our first ...

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16 December 2020

UK's First Digital Food Bank

Surviving the Streets launches ‘digital foodbank’ to support community over Christmas and winter months New self-service lockers provide 24/7 access to food, sleeping bags and Christmas gifts Wednesday 16th December 2020 – East Sussex charity Surviving the Streets UK, has today launched a new ‘digital foodbank’ at its headquarters in Hastings, using self-service automated lockers to provide contac ...

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24 November 2020

Automated Locker Idea of the Day: Dark Kitchens

If you order food online, then there’s an increasing chance it won’t come from a traditional restaurant, and instead come from a dark kitchen. This intriguing business model is bringing great flexibility to food service businesses, and also meeting a massive demand for takeout food, but what exactly is it and how can you make the most of it?   What are Dark Kitchens?   Dark kitchens are restaurant ...

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20 November 2020

5 Ways Your Digital Kiosk Data Can Help You Work Smarter

A digital kiosk isn’t just a piece of shiny new technology; it’s an important piece of equipment that’s uniquely optimised to improve your business’s performance. One of the key ways a digital kiosk does this is by helping you work smarter through helpful insights.   Your digital kiosk isn’t just something that sits in a corner and looks good, it’s completely customisable, and it’s constantly coll ...

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17 November 2020

Automated Locker Idea of the Day - Food Services

If you’re looking for a way to add something extra to your food services business, then automated lockers could be the perfect option.   Order for pick up is only getting bigger, and with the right technology, you can make sure your system is seamless. With the help of Meridian, you can have a pick-up process that makes your life easy, but most importantly, keeps customers coming back time and aga ...

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28 October 2020

Why Your Business Needs to be BOPIS and BORIS Ready

Let’s start with the most obvious question: what are BOPIS and BORIS?   BOPIS and BORIS stand for buy online pick up in-store and buy online return in-store. In a world where the line between our digital lives and our physical lives is becoming increasingly blurred, BOPIS and BORIS allow retailers to utilise the best aspects of both their online and physical presence.   The battle for customers in ...

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22 October 2020

Digital Signage and Wayfinding in Tourism

There are clearly a lot of challenges for the tourism industry at the moment. With travel restrictions in place and a limit on social interactions, some of the basic elements of tourism have been severely strained.   However, while international tourism has been limited, local tourism has seen a big spike. Where travel bans have affected people’s holidays, they have adjusted their plans and found ...

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13 October 2020

Digital Signage and Wayfinding in Education

For any new university student, it’s safe to say their first weeks and months in higher education haven’t been quite what they had envisioned. 2020 simply hasn’t been a year anyone envisioned, and this has meant huge challenges for the education system.   There have been big hurdles to overcome and these will continue for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean institutions can’t still provi ...

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8 October 2020

Automated Locker Idea of the Day - Garage

Automated lockers are a great way to add new services to your garage business and make things more convenient for your customers. From car services to rental businesses, and secure parking garages, automated lockers could be just what you’re looking for.   Easy Drop-Off/ Pick Up   No matter why people are coming into your garage, they want the experience to be convenient. One of the areas where th ...

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6 October 2020

Suppressing the Virus vs Protecting the Economy - How it Works for Your Business

We find ourselves in the middle of an impossible balancing act; walking a tightrope, hoping to tip-toe our way to the safety of the platform on the other side.   If we thought we had reached the other side during a summer where infections were largely managed, the spike that we’re seeing in many countries across Europe has certainly made the finishing line seem further away.   The sudden increase ...

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22 September 2020

Automated Locker Idea of the Day - Hospitals

Hospitals can have thousands of patients moving around them each day. Each of those patients has belongings they need access to, but keeping those belongings with each patient as they move around the hospital isn’t easy. The priority for hospitals is people’s health and making sure they can get back home as quickly as possible, not searching for lost bags in one of the biggest buildings in the cit ...

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16 September 2020

Do 65% of Your Employees Have Reservations About Returning to the Office?

The full lockdown ended a while ago, but in recent days, the government has made a point of continuing to encourage people back to the workplace. So, why has there been a renewed desire to get people back to work and what does it mean?   One of the reasons for the renewed public push for people to go back to the office are the recent findings that the UK has been much slower to get people back int ...

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10 September 2020

Meridian is Expanding - Here’s What to Expect

  It’s been a busy year helping businesses to overcome their most pressing challenges through digital solutions. We’ve learned a lot, worked with some amazing clients, and faced the unique challenges that 2020 has presented. Now, it’s time to continue to build, with the expansion of our team, and the promotion of our Sales Administrator Connie to Customer Success Manager. As our clients well know, ...

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28 August 2020

Education, Coronavirus and the Tech Shift

  Coronavirus has led to a shift towards education embracing technology, but this shift shouldn’t just be a temporary fix, it should be a continued theme.   With schools due to come back after a prolonged summer break in the coming weeks, education is firmly in the spotlight, and it’s the perfect opportunity to make some positive changes. Of course, the safety of everyone involved is the number on ...

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26 August 2020

Industry Applications for Meridian Personnel Management Kiosk

Personnel management has always been important for business, but with Coronavirus, it has become more important than ever.   Businesses need to know who is in their building, spread awareness about company policy, limit the number of staff on site at one time, and as a bonus, screen for temperature. The Meridian personnel management kiosk allows businesses to do this, and has been successful acros ...

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23 July 2020

11 Ways to Use Digital Signage to Benefit Your Business

  If you’re new to digital signage, then you might not appreciate just how many different ways they can benefit your business.   These flexible digital kiosks are extremely adaptable, and are made to fit your business’s specific needs, so to help you navigate the world of digital signage, we’ve picked out eleven of the most important benefits. Whatever industry you’re in, your business can benefit ...

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22 July 2020

Face Mask Mode for Personnel Management Kiosk

  With much of Europe already requiring the use of face masks in public spaces, this week the UK will come into line by requiring the use of face masks in shops and supermarkets.   The WHO’s guidance around masks has changed over the course of the pandemic, and this has been reflected in changing guidance from governments. However, we’re now out of lockdown, and crucially, some studies are suggest ...

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9 July 2020

Digital Kiosks for Donations

For not for profit organisations, a digital kiosk can mean more than just a streamlined donation system. This is a complete digital solution that can benefit your staff and the public across many different areas of your work.   It’s not always easy for not for profits to showcase the services they offer to the public, and in a world where technology is playing an ever greater role, it can take cre ...

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22 June 2020

Automatic Temperature Scanners vs Handheld

On the face of it, it might seem like a good idea to invest in a cheap handheld temperature scanner to help get your business back to work.   However, just because the initial costs of a simple handheld scanner might be favourable, there are a lot of drawbacks. An automatic temperature scanner might require a bigger upfront investment, but it doesn’t take long before it starts saving you money ver ...

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17 June 2020

The Digital Kiosk Benefits that Boost Your ROI

Using innovative technology is a great way to show people that you’re a modern, forward-thinking brand. However, if you’re going to invest significant money in new technology, it needs to do more than just intrigue.   It’s no use people being wowed by your digital kiosk if you don’t see tangible benefits for your business, so of course, any technology is going to be judged by its return on investm ...

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2 June 2020

What are Smart Lockers and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

  Smart lockers are automated systems that allow for secure storage and pick up. This can mean someone safely storing their phone while it charges, or being able to pick up the keys to your rental car after hours; smart lockers serve many different purposes across lots of different industries.   The basics are the same as with traditional lockers but without the limitation of having a physical key ...

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14 May 2020

How Digital Solutions Provide a Route Back to Work in Large-Scale Numbers

For many parts of the world, the time has come to start getting people back to work.   COVID 19 has wreaked havoc on economies and left millions of people stuck at home, and until a vaccination is found, it’s unlikely we’ll get back to anything like normal. However, businesses can’t sit around and wait forever, and the time has come where it’s deemed safe to start opening large sectors of the econ ...

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24 April 2020

Personnel Management Solution Video - Quick Guide

Personnel Management Solution Kiosk Quick start guide

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24 April 2020

Personnel Management Solution Video

Personnel Management Solution Kiosk Introducing our new temperature verification kiosk

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23 April 2020

Personnel Management Solution FAQ

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Network Can it support wifi? Yes, we will supply a document where it provides direction on how to exit to the Android settings. Does it have LAN connectivity? Yes, it can be plugged in to LAN. Does it use the network to do face recognition? No, the faces are stored on the local system. How do you set the Wifi password? Attach a mouse, right click 3 times enter password a ...

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12 February 2020

Could this be the saviour of the British high street? Taking a closer look at endless aisle technology!

What’s gone so wrong for the UK high street? High street shops in the UK are struggling. Some of our best-known brands are under threat or have already folded and Christmas 2019 saw the worst retail performance in 25 years. The causes of this decline are diverse but include the very high rental costs for shops and the rise of ecommerce and same day/next day delivery. Initiatives such as click and ...

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27 January 2020

Secure stakeholder buy-in for self-service solutions with our ROI Calculator

Have you been considering the implementation of a self-service kiosk for your business? For most organisations, the decision to buy in new technology won’t be taken lightly so it’s helpful to be able to work out the return on investment. In this blog we’ll take a look at the features and benefits of this key element of the digital transformation process for commercial businesses and public sector ...

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24 January 2020

How much money could your business save with a self-service Kiosk?

Have you been considering the implementation of a self-service kiosk for your business? For most organisations, the decision to buy in new technology won’t be taken lightly and so it’s helpful to be able to work out the likely return on investment. The Meridian ROI calculator will help you set out a robust business case for the implementation of self-service solutions - take a look.

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16 January 2020

Everything you need to know about outdoor kiosks

When planning a new kiosk deployment, one of the first and most important things to consider is where the kiosk will be located—more specifically, if it will be located indoors or outdoors.  We're pleased to share the essential guide to planning and implementing an outdoor kiosk. Learn more about how it can be used to maximise the potential of your business or organisation by providing an enhances ...

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17 December 2019

MzeroManage Remote Management Software


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17 December 2019

MzeroPay Bill Payment Video


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17 December 2019

MzeroInteract  Video


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17 December 2019

mBox Lockers Video


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13 December 2019

From Concept To Completion

A short video about Meridian and what we can do for our customers. From concept to completion helping streamline customer services for a variety of industries.

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