4 Ways Self-Service Solutions are Enhancing the Workplace

25 Mar 2021

The world is increasingly a digital place and this is certainly true of the workplace. 95% of organizations agree that a digital workplace is important, but how do self-service solutions create a better workplace.


Self-service can benefit all corners of your business, creating a more inclusive, efficient, and safe place to work. 

More Inclusive 


Creating the right business culture is important. As your business grows, it can be difficult to keep everyone pulling in the right direction and create unity throughout the company though. 


If you find you’re struggling to create the positive company culture you aspire to, then self-service solutions such as digital signage can make a difference. 


There might be a thriving culture just waiting to establish itself within your business, but sometimes it takes a little help. With digital signage, you have the ability to amplify messages and get them in front of your entire workforce. 


self-service solutions play a role in the workplace


For example, something as simple as a rideshare system can make a big difference to your employees, but you’ve got to make it easy for them to get involved with it. With digital signage, you can highlight these initiatives and help to create a more inclusive environment. 


More Efficient 


As an employee, it’s endlessly frustrating when you don’t have access to the resources you need to get your job done. In many businesses, employees have shared access to many resources, and this can lead to huge inefficiencies. 


For example, at a car dealership, salespeople need access to lots of different keys for test drives. If one set of keys gets put back in the wrong place, then it can cause mayhem for everyone else. 


When employees need to share resources like this, automated lockers can massively increase productivity. By automating the process of sharing key resources, you take the human element out of it and have much more oversight over who has access to important items such as keys and tools. 


Clearer Communication 


From the day to day running of your business to emergency situations, it’s important you have clear channels of communication. 


This doesn’t just mean top to bottom communication, but also allows employees to easily share their problems and concerns. Many businesses have systems in place to facilitate this, but they lack a crucial aspect. It needs to be simple and convenient for employees to communicate with your business, and self-service solutions can facilitate this. 


Strategically placed digital signs allow for the quick and easy sharing of information and this can make a huge difference for your business. It could be reporting a trip hazard, explaining the benefits of the new check-in process, or any number of messages; you need to have the right medium for the message, and in many cases, digital signage is perfect for this. 


Safer Spaces 


Your business has a responsibility to keep its workers safe. However, in a large, busy office building or factory, it’s not always easy to know who has access to your business. 


It’s important to have robust security protocols in place, and personnel management solutions can play a big part in this. With automatic facial recognition and temperature scanners, you can ensure only authorized personnel are accessing restricted areas, greatly enhancing security. 


People need a safe environment to do their best work, and self-service solutions allow businesses to ensure this happens in an efficient way.




The workplace is always evolving and increasingly, digital technologies are helping to make it a better place. 


We need workplaces that work just as well for employees as they do businesses, and by investing in this area, you can ensure this is the case. At Meridian Digital Solutions, we specialize in creating bespoke digital solutions for your business, so we can help you create the workplace that works for your business. 


Contact us today, to find out how self-service solutions will exchange your workplace. 

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