5 Reasons Digital Signage is Thriving on University Campuses

17 Mar 2021

If you find yourself wandering around a university campus, then you’ll probably notice that digital signage is very common, so why is this?


We take a look at five reasons why digital signage is thriving on university campuses. 


Engaging a Tech-Savvy Generation 


University students are a very tech-savvy group, and they want to see universities making use of technology to improve their experience. 


Today’s students are predominantly made up of Generation Z - a group that was born and brought up with technology closely integrated with their lives. They want and expect this to be reflected in the products they consume - and this is no different for their education. 


University campuses have to reflect the realities of their students’ lives, and digital signage is a small way to do this. 


Student Experience is a Competitive Advantage


Modern consumers are increasingly making buyer decisions based on customer experience. Gen Z is “a generation that values experience over product.”  In other words, it’s not just about the standard of education or the level of facilities, it’s how all of this comes together to create a complete experience. 


One of the biggest benefits of digital signage is connectedness - it can bring every aspect of campus life together, no matter where you are. 




It can help you find your way to a new building, see what’s happening on campus, keep track of the university teams, and so much more. This helps initiate a more involved student experience, and this is a huge competitive advantage for universities looking to attract students. 


An Adaptable Medium


The world can change very quickly and universities need to be able to keep up with this. 


Whether it’s changing public health guidelines, new trends, or even changeable weather, digital signage is highly adaptable. You’re in control of the message, and this allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your digital signs at any given point. 


This makes digital signs a long-term investment because they are endlessly optimizable. There’s no limit to the software you utilize, and this gives you a wide range of capabilities. 


A Boost to Safety


Digital signs can help students and visitors feel safer on campus


Large campuses can be very overwhelming for people who are not familiar with them, and Wayfinding technology can help people navigate these areas. What’s more, they can quickly connect people with security, and raise the alarm in case of emergency. This can help alert people across the entire campus about any security threat. 


Safety is another aspect that factors into which university students choose, and digital signs can make a difference in this area. 


We all want to feel safe when we’re out in public, and digital kiosks can help facilitate this on university campuses. 


Improved Learning Opportunities


There are so many opportunities for learning on a university campus, but if students aren’t aware of what’s going on, then they will miss out. 


Digital signs allow universities to showcase all the events that are taking place on campus, and allow people to maximize their learning opportunities. The more people get involved with activities and different learning opportunities, the better their education is going to be, and digital signage allows showcase these events more easily.  

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