5 Ways Universities Can Boost Student Experience Through Digital Kiosks

26 Jan 2021

Student experience is a huge part of university life. It’s one of the first things students look at when they’re evaluating their options, and it’s something that encapsulates everything a university is about. 


So, how do digital kiosks fit into this, and how can they boost the university student experience?




We all remember frantically searching for the right building on our first day of classes. You want to start your university career off on the right foot, and the last thing you want to do is turn up late because you can’t find the classroom!


Indeed, university campuses can be bewildering, but when you’ve got digital kiosks strategically placed around the grounds, they can be much more manageable. Easy access to Wayfinding helps students, visitors, and staff feel more at home on campus and can have a big impact on the overall experience. 


Access to Facilities 


Resources such as meeting rooms, laptops, computers, and sports facilities are in high demand, and often you have to book ahead to use these facilities. 


Digital kiosks can give students quick access to these resources by making the booking system much simpler. You can be out and about around campus and check on the availability of facilities simply by engaging with a digital kiosk. 


No matter where you are, you can learn about the resources that are available to you and book a time slot that allows you to make the most of them. 


Showcase Events 


One of the great things about universities is the never-ending schedule of events you can attend on campus. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s something for you, and you’ve got every opportunity to engage in your interests and satisfy your curiosity. 


The only thing that limits these events is the ability to advertise them and let people know exactly what’s happening around campus. 


However, with digital kiosks, you’ve got an easy way to let everyone know about the latest events, boosting engagement, and creating a greater sense of community. 


ID Printing 


For university students, their ID is all-important. From buying food to accessing residential buildings, the chances are you’re going to need your ID on hand, so it’s a big problem if you lose it. 


In the past, this might have meant scheduling an appointment with security, but with digital kiosks, you can automate this process and allow students to print new ID cards on-demand. With strong security measures, this means students have quick access to a replacement card without compromising on safety. 




One of the most important things on any university campus is safety. Most campuses are in very public places, and it’s vitally important to ensure students feel safe in this environment. 


Digital kiosks can help people feel safe by giving them a direct link to security and emergency services, making it easy to report suspicious activity, and alerting people to any incidents. University campuses are generally safe places, but it never hurts to add an extra level of peace of mind, and that’s exactly what a digital kiosk can do.

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