5 Ways Your Digital Kiosk Data Can Help You Work Smarter

20 Nov 2020

A digital kiosk isn’t just a piece of shiny new technology; it’s an important piece of equipment that’s uniquely optimised to improve your business’s performance. One of the key ways a digital kiosk does this is by helping you work smarter through helpful insights.


Your digital kiosk isn’t just something that sits in a corner and looks good, it’s completely customisable, and it’s constantly collecting valuable data. This data can be turned into important insights that help improve your business performance and allows you to work smarter in a variety of areas.


If people are engaging with your digital kiosks, then there are always important insights to be learned and this can be invaluable for your company.


Customer Service


Customer service is a vital part of any business. Consumers understand that businesses make mistakes and that sometimes an order might go wrong, but they find it very difficult to accept when a business can’t offer good customer service.


person using screen


One of the biggest problems with customer service is when people get passed around between different service reps, with none of them seemingly being able to solve the problem. Digital kiosks are a great way to solve this problem, by making sure you’re screening people before they enter the store.


When you can collect data on people’s problems before you assign them to a customer service rep, you can make sure they’re assigned to the person with the best chance of solving the problem.


This allows you to significantly streamline your in-store customer service, and make sure your customers are getting a “bespoke” service. Not only is this good for your customers, but it also allows you to make better use of the resources available to you by assigning your staff to the cases that get the most out of their skills.


Expand Audience


A digital kiosk gives you the tools to better understand your audience, and reach more of your target customers.


With the option of a built-in camera with age and gender recognition, you can track who is interacting with your business and how they engage with your content. This allows you to gain valuable insights into your audience, helping you to target your marketing materials more effectively.


Not only can you improve your understanding of your audience through a digital kiosk, but you can also ensure you’re reaching them more often. If people love the content on your digital kiosk, then the chances are they won’t mind signing up for more notifications through their email.


By collecting people’s emails, you can easily sync them into your email marketing campaigns, allowing you to create more touchpoints with them, and build a deeper relationship. This will help you to turn visitors into customers, and one-off customers into repeat customers.


They might be small snippets of data, but when you put them together they can have a big impact.


Spot Trends


Knowing who your audience is is one thing, but what if you could also predict what they wanted?




With the search functionality on your digital kiosk, people can quickly search for information related to your store, and this data can offer great insight into what your target audience is looking for.


The searches people perform can help you with your product selection, customer service, marketing efforts, and much more. For example, if lots of people are searching for a specialist battery at your DIY store, and you don’t have it, then perhaps it’s something you might want to add to your catalogue. Likewise, if people are searching for information on returns, then it might be something you want to add to a FAQ page.


Your business is there to serve its customers, and digital kiosks can give you a unique look into the services they really want. Customers benefit from quick and easy access to the information they need, and you benefit from an understanding of what they are looking for - it’s a win-win.


Optimize Marketing


Your digital kiosk is a perfect way to test your advertising and optimize it before you commit to big budgets on other advertising platforms.


You have the ability to test your content and adverts with a large audience and collect feedback in a number of different areas. With your analytics, you’re able to see how many clicks each advert is getting, how people are interacting with the content, what demographics each advert is popular with, conversion rates, and the times that different adverts are most successful.


This not only allows you to get the most from your digital kiosk, but it also gives you good insights into how you can optimize your marketing across different platforms. You’ve got an easy way to establish which pieces of content resonate with your audience, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck from your marketing.


Advertising is about reaching the right people with the right messages, and the data you track with your digital kiosks can give you important information on how to do this.


Customer Experience


Customer experience is the perception your customer has about their entire interaction with your business. Because this concept is so far-reaching (it takes into account every aspect of the relationship,) it’s not easy to make sure you’re performing at 100% in every single area.


The only way you can know how you are performing is by asking your customers for your feedback. However, you don’t want to inconvenience your customers, so it’s important you make it as easy as possible for them to leave feedback.


Digital kiosks are a great tool to help you do this, allowing you to customise feedback forms so your customers can give you feedback in a few clicks of a button. If you can increase the amount of feedback you’re collecting, then this data can be hugely valuable for your business.


By analysing the data collected through your digital kiosk, you can understand where your business is performing well and where there’s room for improvement. This can transform your customer experience and make a big difference to your business’s performance.



Improve ROI


The key thing with digital kiosks is that they’re customised to suit your business’s needs. This isn’t a fixed thing where you buy it one way and it’s stuck that way forever, it’s a constantly evolving product that can be optimised to maximize its return on investment for your business.


A digital kiosk’s data collection is key to this ability to constantly improve its performance, and this is one of the reasons data is so important. When you work with Meridian, you’re investing in technology that is designed to help you achieve an immediate ROI, however, we never stop working with you to ensure that ROI continues throughout the lifetime of the product.


Only when your kiosk is perfectly set up to suit your business needs, and work for your customers will it bring in maximum return on investment, and good data collection is essential to this.




Data is a key tool to help businesses improve their performance and work smarter, and this is an area where digital kiosks can excel.


The data you collect through your kiosk can help drive improvements in many different areas of your business, improving your customer service, expanding your audience, helping you to spot important trends, allowing you to optimize your marketing, and ensuring a return on your investment.


While data collection certainly isn’t the primary purpose of a digital kiosk, it is a secondary benefit that’s highly valuable. The more people interact with your kiosk, the more you learn, and the more you can use the insights to help drive your business forward by working smarter.

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