Automated Locker Idea of the Day - Garage

8 Oct 2020

Automated lockers are a great way to add new services to your garage business and make things more convenient for your customers. From car services to rental businesses, and secure parking garages, automated lockers could be just what you’re looking for.


Easy Drop-Off/ Pick Up


No matter why people are coming into your garage, they want the experience to be convenient. One of the areas where this can be greatly improved is the drop off/ pick procedure. Too often, this is where queues form and people spend time waiting around to speak with a member of staff.


This doesn’t have to be the case as technology can make this process much more efficient. Your customers can simply drive in, drop off their keys in a locker, and sign any documents they need to through the interactive display.


Your employees can then access the keys with a secure access code, allowing them to work on the car while your customer gets on with their day. Once the work is done, your employees simply drop the keys back in the locker, and the customer uses their unique code to safely pick up their car.


Whether you’re servicing cars, provide a rental service, have a long-term parking garage, or run a valet service, the drop-off/pick up experience can be improved and automated lockers make a big difference.


Mobile Mechanics


If you’re sending mechanics out on the road, then you want to make sure they’ve got everything they need to get the job done. Automated lockers can help make this process easier by allowing mechanics to call ahead and request parts, before picking them up from an automated locker at any time.


This can be remotely controlled so that your staff have easy access to the equipment they need for each job. This brings added security for your parts and equipment, but it also ensures great efficiency, meaning you can reach more people with your service.


By using automated lockers, mechanics can pick up the parts they need when they need them, saving them time, and enabling them to reach more customers.


Click and Collect Parts Service


If people know what parts they need and just want to pick them up, then make it as easy as possible to do so. With automated lockers, your customers can order online, or call ahead and collect their parts with a secure code.



This makes it quick and easy for people to get the parts they need, and frees your staff up to perform other tasks. All you need to do is pick the parts and put them in the right locker and your customers can pick them up even outside of your regular business hours.


With the lockers taking care of the pick-up side of your parts service, this means your staff can focus on the jobs that require a human touch. With a secure, easy to use automated locker, your customers can drop by at any time of the day and pick up the parts they need.


Secure Parking


If you want to add extra services to your parking facility, then automated lockers can enable this. Adding services such as pick-up and drop-off, and car valeting can help your business stand out, but they require access to the customer’s keys.


When you’ve got someone’s car keys, there’s a lot of responsibility to keep them safe, and this is where automated lockers come in. With a smart locker, you can make it easy for customers to drop-off and pick-up their keys, making sure they’re securely stored, and that only authorised people have access to them


Automated lockers make it easy for your customers to give you the access you need to their cars, but at the same time, they ensure security. You can remotely monitor which keys are in which lockers, limiting access to those lockers, and making sure there are no mix-ups.


With the right smart locker, you can add more services to your parking service, boosting the customer experience while maintaining security.




Automated lockers have a role to play in many different garage settings.


Competition is always tough, and by making things more convenient for your customers and increasing the number of services you can provide, your business will be able to stand out from the competition. Automated lockers allow you to do this by streamlining the pick-up/drop-off process, giving time back to your customers.


With automated lockers freeing up your staff to take care of the most important jobs, they can quickly earn back your investment, and soon give your business an edge over the competition.


Whatever type of garage your running, we’ve got a bespoke solution that can fit your needs, so get in touch to find out more!


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