Automated Locker Idea of the Day - Hospitals

22 Sep 2020

Hospitals can have thousands of patients moving around them each day. Each of those patients has belongings they need access to, but keeping those belongings with each patient as they move around the hospital isn’t easy.

The priority for hospitals is people’s health and making sure they can get back home as quickly as possible, not searching for lost bags in one of the biggest buildings in the city. With its wealth of knowledge in solving problems through digital solutions, this is where Meridian’s expertise comes in. .

Secure, Personal Access to Belongings

At present, many hospitals work on a shelf system, where a patient’s belongings get filed on a shelf and linked to a bar code on their wrist band. The problem is, the patient needs a member of staff to access their belongings, as they are stored in a remote location for safety reasons.


With smart lockers from Meridian, hospitals can store items where the patients themselves can access them securely. Using the barcode on their wristband, each patient can securely access the locker with their belongings without having to rely on a member of staff. This is convenient for the patients, but also helps free up staff members from constantly collecting and retrieving items.

Working together with Meridian, hospitals can find the solutions that give their patients a little more independence, allowing them their own space to store their belongings, knowing they can access them whenever they need.

Flexibility Throughout the Hospital

Patients are constantly moving throughout the hospital, and their belongings need to be able to travel with them. When this is done manually, it leaves room for error, with items being stored in lots of different places.

With smart lockers though, it’s easy to keep track of where each patient’s belongings are through a remote system. This helps to make sure a patients’ belongings are always accessible, and that valuable items aren’t going to be misplaced.

No matter where a patient moves to in the building, their unique barcode will be able to open the locker with their personal belongings, so they always know where their items are and can have easy access to them.


Automated lockers have huge implications for the dispensing of medicine. Doctors and patients spend large amounts of time picking up prescriptions from dispensing centres which are normally located centrally throughout a hospital.


However, automated lockers can ensure those doctors and patients have quick and easy access to those medicines at every corner of the hospital without compromising on safety. The medicines can be ordered online, placed into a secure locker, and retrieved by the patient or doctor through a barcode/ scanned ID/ facial recognition - whichever option your hospital deems most applicable.


Automated lockers are ideal for a hospital setting because they combine convenience with a high-level of security. Not only does this help to improve the patient experience, but it also improves efficiency, giving staff members more time to dedicate to the jobs that make a difference in a hospital setting.

At Meridian, we’re dedicated to helping businesses solve problems through technology, and automated lockers are just one way of doing this in a hospital setting. We want to create the perfect solution for your needs, so why not speak to our helpful team today?

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