Automatic Temperature Scanners vs Handheld

22 Jun 2020

On the face of it, it might seem like a good idea to invest in a cheap handheld temperature scanner to help get your business back to work.


However, just because the initial costs of a simple handheld scanner might be favourable, there are a lot of drawbacks. An automatic temperature scanner might require a bigger upfront investment, but it doesn’t take long before it starts saving you money versus a handheld scanner.


Let’s take a look at some of the big advantages personnel management systems with temperature scanners offer versus their handheld counterparts.



A Better Use of Resources


When you use a handheld scanner, you have to have a staff member operating it at all times. If your business is allowing people into the building throughout the working day this means you’re paying someone a full-time wage just to scan.


Even at minimum wage rates, this means you’re paying someone over £1,300 a month to operate the handheld scanner.


You might have got your scanner for £70, but it costs you £1,300 a month to run it. When you invest in an automatic temperature scanner, you’re investing £2,400, but you don’t have to pay a single penny from them on.


Here’s how the cost of employing someone to use a handheld scanner works out against an automatic scanner:



Green and Black Corporate Comparison Chart (1)



As you can see, 7.3 weeks is the big figure here, because that’s the point where your cost of using a handheld scanner overtakes your total cost of investing in an automatic scanner (based on 8hr access to your building.)


Given the current climate, it seems likely that temperature scanners are going to be needed for the foreseeable future, meaning an automatic temperature scanner represents a significant return on investment.


Comply with Social Distancing Regulations


At present, UK guidelines recommend a 2m distance is maintained as part of social distancing.


The difficulty is, with the majority of handheld temperature scanners (at the time of writing), they advertise a measurement distance of between 5-15cm. Unless you’ve got a 1.85m long arm, that means it’s extremely difficult to measure someone’s temperature without breaking the 2m limit.


With an automatic personnel management system, there is no human contact required whatsoever. The facial recognition technology recognises faces automatically and then scans the temperature, raising an alert if someone has a fever.


This means that you’re further limiting the risk of infection to both your staff and your customers without losing any accuracy.


Further Capabilities


Personnel management isn’t just useful in times of crisis; it’s a necessity for many businesses year-round.


You need to be able to control access to your buildings, and there’s no more efficient way of doing it than with a personnel management system. Meridian’s kiosks can be programmed to recognise thousands of faces, meaning you can control access to your buildings all through facial recognition.


Your personnel management solution is completely customisable to meet your business’s needs, allowing you to maximise your return on investment.


A handheld scanner might have some use during the pandemic, but an automatic temperature scanner can benefit your business well into the future, pandemic or no pandemic.




Handheld temperature scanners are quick and easy to get a hold of, but they’re severely limited by the fact that someone has to operate them at all times. This not only increases the need for human to human contact, but it also means the costs of scanning people really starts to add up.


While a personnel management kiosk with temperature scanning undoubtedly takes a larger investment, it quickly earns that money back because you don’t have to pay a machine. After 7.3 weeks, this means you’re saving £1,300 a month based on your business having one entrance that’s open 8 hours a day and more if you’ve got additional entrances.


At Meridian, we’re dedicated to making sure you get the best possible return on your investment on digital solutions, and we’re confident that our personnel management solution can quickly save your business money whilst offering a safer service.


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