Customer Feedback - The Golden Insights You’re Missing Out On?

23 Feb 2021

Customer feedback can make a massive difference to the performance of your business. Customer experience is one of the most important aspects of what you do, but if you’re not collecting feedback, then it’s difficult to know how you’re doing in this area. 


Too many businesses are missing out on important customer feedback though, and it doesn’t have to be this way. Are you missing out on golden insights because you’re not collecting enough customer feedback?


Customer Feedback is Vital for Your Business


Without customers, businesses can’t survive - it’s as simple as that. We’re all aware that the customer experience is hugely important in business (67% of consumers and 74% of businesses say they will pay more for a great experience), but how often do we actually take the time to gauge whether we’re performing well in this area?


Customer feedback is the business equivalent of getting answers straight from the horse’s mouth, but it comes with a caveat. We don’t want to damage the customer experience by inconveniencing customers with lots of questions. 


However, the insights you can get from customer feedback mean it’s essential you find innovative ways of gauging your customer’s experiences with your business. 


Why Should Customers Give You Their Time? 


One of the difficulties with gaining customer feedback is that your customers are busy. They want their interactions with your business to be quick, pleasant, and to the point; they don’t want to be spending all their time filling out surveys. 


You’re asking for people’s time, but what’s in it for them?




This is the problem you need to solve. It’s like anything, if you want someone to take a certain action, then you’ve got to understand how to motivate them to do so. While we might look at collecting customer feedback as something complicated, it can turn out that all you need to do is ask people to answer a few quick questions and that’s enough to dramatically increase the level of feedback you get. 


Too many businesses leave customer feedback to chance though when they should be taking the initiative and getting all the insights they can. 


Make Customer Feedback Easy 


If you make it hard for your customers to give feedback, then you’re simply not going to get the insights you need. You know how it is as a consumer when you’re asked to give feedback and you’re presented with a huge survey and no real reason to complete it - you’ve got limited motivation. 


However, if you make it as quick and easy as possible for people to give feedback then they’re not going to mind giving you a helping hand. For example, if your checkout page asks a quick multiple-choice question while the card payment is being taken, then there’s no inconvenience to the customer. 


It’s about finding ways of making customer feedback a part of the process of interacting with your business without damaging the customer experience. 


Quid Pro Quo 


Life is about quid pro quo’s and this is certainly true in business. The problem is, when it comes to things like marketing and sales, we can often forget this fact. 


We want people’s contact details for marketing, and we want people’s feedback, but what are we offering in return? If the answer is nothing, then there’s not really any reason for people to give you what you want. 


This is where your creativity comes in and can help you collect customer feedback. What can you offer people that’s going to make them want to take the time to give feedback? This could be hidden content on your website, discounts on future purchases, early access to new products - there are so many things you can do. 


Digital Kiosks and Customer Feedback 


Digital kiosks are a perfect tool to help increase the level of customer feedback you receive. 


First off, digital kiosks are attention-grabbing; they draw people in and get them interacting with your business. From here, you’ve got the perfect platform to initiate the quid pro quo. Kiosks make it easy to get your message across and customers can quickly give their feedback in return for fun rewards. 


For example, a pop-up on your digital kiosk can say “Do you want early-bird access to our 2022 product line? Answer three quick questions to get your early access.”


You’re giving people reasons to give you feedback, but you’re doing it in an unintrusive way that doesn’t inconvenience the customer.

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