Digital Kiosks and Marketing - Your Strategy for Maximizing Return on Investment

25 Feb 2021

When you invest in new technology such as digital kiosks, it’s important you incorporate it into your business in an efficient way. You want your customers to interact with the technology, and benefit from the improved experience, but how can you ensure this happens?


One of the ways you can maximise the benefits of your new digital kiosks is by incorporating them into your marketing efforts. Not only can digital kiosks be great marketing platforms in themselves, but they can also become a key aspect of the way in which you advertise your business. 


While these digital solutions are primarily there to serve your customers, they also link very closely to your marketing strategy, and how you leverage this relationship can significantly boost your ROI. 


Demonstrate the Benefits of Your Digital Kiosk 


You know the benefits your digital kiosk can offer your customers, but do they? If you just put this “contraption” in a corner without drawing people’s attention to it, then you’re not going to get the engagement you crave. 


To maximise the benefits of your digital kiosk you’ve got to introduce it to your customers through your marketing. 


This is exciting, modern technology, so you’ve got a great opportunity to use it to boost things like your social media marketing. Use your platform to show videos of your digital kiosk in action and demonstrate the benefits.


There are some people out there who see a new piece of technology in your store/ office building/ clinic, and can’t wait to give it a go. However, there are also people who are wary of technology and need to be convinced of the benefits before they embrace it. 


For example, a digital sign in a park might have a function that allows people to register an emergency event and immediately be connected with emergency services. If people aren’t aware of the function though, they’re not likely to use it.


You know the benefits your digital kiosks can bring to your customers, so make them aware of them through your marketing. 


Encourage the Use of Your Digital Kiosks 


You haven’t bought your digital kiosks just because they’re a cool piece of technology to show off. You’ve bought your digital kiosks because you know they’re going to offer you a return on your investment. However, you’ve got to get people to engage with your digital kiosks for them to earn that investment. 


People enjoy the status quo, and if you’re already offering a great customer experience, then your customers might not see the need to engage with your digital kiosks. The thing is, your kiosks are there to make that customer experience even better, so it’s in your customers’ best interests to use the devices. 


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One of the ways you can boost engagement is by offering rewards for people using your digital kiosk. 


For example, if you own a tech repair store. Every time someone uses your digital sign to log the details of their issue, it frees up a customer service agent to deal with another customer. So, why not give back to that customer by offering a reward such as being entered into a daily draw to win a free repair?


Digital kiosks drive engagement naturally through their interactive nature, but you can always boost this engagement through innovative marketing. 


Showcase Your Forward-Thinking Ethos 

This is exciting tech you’ve invested in, and it shows your business’s commitment to meeting the needs of the future. Don’t be afraid to use this in your marketing and showcase how your business is looking to the future and preparing for it today. 


The digital transformation is only going to continue, and to thrive, businesses need to embrace it. 


If your business is doing so, then it’s an area where you can stand out from the competition and use it as a big marketing point. With video content being such an important factor in modern marketing, it’s a great opportunity to show the innovative services you can offer through your digital kiosk. 


Illustrate Your Commitment to Customer Experience 


One of the key reasons you invest in digital kiosks is to offer something more to your customers. Your marketing should capitalise on this and demonstrate how you’re using digital solutions to improve your customer experience. 


Modern customers aren’t just looking for a product, or a service, they’re also looking for an experience, and digital kiosks can greatly add to this. 




One of the great benefits of digital kiosks is their ability to collect data, and this can help boost your marketing. By looking at data such as how people interact with kiosks, what content they’re looking at, and the questions they’re asking, you can keep optimizing your customer experience to better fit your audience. 


Make the most of the insights your kiosks give you and show people that you take their experience seriously by showcasing the steps you’re taking to improve the customer experience. 

Train Your Staff 


Every time your staff members interact with a customer it’s an opportunity to market new services and show the benefits of your company. 


If your staff aren’t well trained in how to get the most from your digital kiosk, then they’re going to find it harder to explain the benefits to your customers. Meridian will work with you to make sure your team is comfortable using your kiosks, and that they’re helping your customers to get the most out of them. 


The customisable nature of this technology means digital kiosks can be as useful for your staff as they are for your customers. For example, in a large shop, a digital kiosk can help people find specific items, but the same applies to your staff. When customers come up to them asking for something and they’re not quite sure where it is, they can help the customer find it through the digital sign, boosting engagement and improving customer service. 


Highlight Your Corporate Social Responsibility 


Digital kiosks are great tools to highlight all the good work you do with corporate social responsibility. 


While you’re not doing the work you do in your community just for the recognition, you’ve got a perfect platform to inform people about the causes that are close to your heart. 


When people are engaging with your digital kiosk, it’s a rare time when you have their attention completely and utterly and this gives you a good opportunity to highlight corporate social responsibility. You can showcase your work to thousands of people, and most importantly, show them ways they can get involved. 


Digital kiosks can be great ways to raise money for charity and to get people to sign up and take part in good causes. This allows you to show a different side of your business, and continue to build strong relationships with your customers. 




Your digital kiosks and marketing should work coherently to boost the performance of each other. On the one hand, your digital kiosk is an ideal place to showcase your marketing flair, and on the other hand, your marketing can significantly boost engagement with your kiosks. 


When your marketing is working hand in hand with your digital kiosks, then each of them benefits, and most importantly, your customers benefit from an improved experience. 


This is where the customisability Meridian offers for digital kiosks comes in. When your kiosks are perfectly adapted to fit your business’s exact needs, it makes this link between kiosks and marketing more natural and allows you to get the most out of your investment. 


Your digital kiosk can take your business’s services to the next level, and when this happens you want to shout it from the rooftops so make sure you’re utilising your marketing to convey this message. 

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