Digital Kiosks and Public Health and Safety

4 Mar 2021

We’re used to seeing digital kiosks in public spaces these days, but are you aware of how they fit in with public health and safety?


Digital kiosks have huge potential to improve public health and safety, and they’re a great fit for any environment.

Discreet Information 


Sometimes the first step in aiding public health and safety is giving people access to information and starting the process of making change. 


Digital kiosks in public spaces are great opportunities to provide people with the unbiased, confidential information they need. For example, the process of reporting abuse can be very difficult, both for those people who suffer from it and those people who witness it. 


One of the benefits of digital kiosks is their unlimited potential to integrate different apps. For example, you can have a digital kiosk in a retail store that is designed to create an immersive shopping experience, but that same kiosk can also have an integration that discreetly links people to charities such as the NSPCC, Survivor’s Trust, Women’s Aid, and many more. 


For people who might be suffering from abuse and are scared for their safety, a digital sign can offer the discreet information and access to support they need. 


Emergency Contact on Digital Signs 


Digital signage in public spaces allows people to quickly raise the alarm in case of an emergency. For example, if a robbery has occurred in a park, a member of the public can link directly to the emergency services through the digital sign. 


Wayfinding will then guide security and other emergency responders to the scene of the crime, and the digital kiosk can automatically raise the alarm on all other digital signs around the park. This helps members of the public stay alert throughout the entire area and enables them to quickly report any incidents.  


The ability to share information quickly and clearly is vital in an emergency situation, and digital kiosks are very adept at doing this. 


Personnel Management


Personnel management is a big part of public health and safety. Whenever we enter a building, we want to feel like we’re in a secure environment, and a digital kiosk can help with this. 



With a personnel management kiosk, businesses and public entities can monitor access to buildings, managing numbers, and screening for security risks. An added bonus of this is the integrated temperature scanner which can monitor for fever, restricting access to those people who might be a health risk. 


This has positive security implications for public buildings, private offices, hospitality venues, and much more. In the modern world, we need to have some level of control over public access to buildings, and personnel management kiosks allow organizations to do this in an efficient way that works for the public. 




Digital kiosks can play an important part in keeping the public safe and healthy. One of the key things with this technology is its adaptability. There are unlimited integrations you can set up with a kiosk, which means there are so many different ways you can help people. 


It only takes a small change to make a big difference to someone’s life, and digital kiosks can give people the access to information that they need in difficult times. 


At Meridian Digital Solutions, we focus on bespoke digital kiosks that are specifically designed to make a difference in businesses and public spaces. One of the major upsides of this is the ability to help keep the public safe through innovative integrations, so speak to our team to find out what we can do for you.

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