Digital Kiosks for Donations

9 Jul 2020

For not for profit organisations, a digital kiosk can mean more than just a streamlined donation system. This is a complete digital solution that can benefit your staff and the public across many different areas of your work.


It’s not always easy for not for profits to showcase the services they offer to the public, and in a world where technology is playing an ever greater role, it can take creativity to stand out from the crowd.


A digital kiosk is there to help you show off your creativity, and reach a bigger audience, developing stronger relationships with your followers, and ensuring the revenue streams you rely on keep coming in.


There are lots of reasons why a digital kiosk for donations can make a big difference to your organisation, but here are some of the most important ones.


Informational countertop screen




Modern Habits Have Changed


We live in an increasingly cashless society where people feel more uncomfortable carrying large amounts of money on their person. Many young people don’t even carry around credit and debit cards these days, opting instead to pay for everything with their phone.


As demographics continue to shift, more and more of your potential donors are going to be part of this cashless, digitally focused generation, and you need to be able to accommodate them. If your organisation relies on donations, then you don’t want to miss out on a large chunk of people who want to help you, but can’t, simply because they don’t have cash.


With the ability to take transactional payments, digital kiosks can help your organisation accommodate the digital generation, and give them a convenient way to support your operations. The world is becoming much more digital friendly, and many people are drawn to digital solutions such as kiosks.


You will still have people who prefer the traditional ways of donating, and you can still offer these, but with a digital kiosk for donations, you’re reaching a much wider audience.



Give People Flexibility


People want to connect with your organisation and support it, but you’ve got to make it convenient for them to do so. A digital kiosk gives people convenience because it offers them flexibility.


With a digital donation solution, people can:


  • Access the kiosk in their own time
  • Choose the amount of money they would like to donate
  • Select different causes they would like to see your organisation supporting
  • Decide if they want to make an anonymous or named gift
  • Set up a regular payment
  • Choose communication preferences


For your organisation, this can mean more people making larger donations, but more importantly, for your followers, it means they feel more connected with you. Building these relationships is vital for the sustainability of your organisation and digital signage can help you to do this.


This means you see a return on your investment not just through increased donations, but through better engagement with your supporters, and even new followers who are drawn in by your digital approach.



A Better Use of Resources


With limited staff/volunteers, it’s difficult to be there for everyone who needs your help or wants to make a donation, but with digital kiosks, you don’t need to rely on extra man-power to increase your reach.


By focusing your staff/volunteers’ efforts on the work that needs a human touch, a digital kiosk helps you make the most of your resources and serve more people without increasing your expenses.


Although you make an upfront investment in a kiosk, you don’t have to pay a machine, so after it’s earned back the initial investment it’s not increasing your costs. Once your kiosk has covered the cost of investment, you’ve increased your reach without adding to your costs.



person using screen




Share Information


With a digital kiosk, you’re in control of the message at all times. What messages you choose to convey, and how you convey them are completely up to you, and you can make sure they’re optimised to best serve your donors.


This means you can answer frequently asked questions, guide people through the building, list the services you provide, and arrange appointments all from one interactive screen.


Your digital kiosk works 24 hours a day, meaning your organisation can be there to help day or night, 365 days a year. People lead complicated lives, and you never know when they might come to you for help and support, and with a digital kiosk you can provide some level of support at all times.


By sharing important information through a digital screen with a constantly rotating message, you can help keep people safe, boost attendances for your services, and ensure people feel like they are part of a community that’s always there for them.



Publicise Your Services



Many not for profit organisations such as religious buildings have a wide range of services they offer to the public. Asides from their traditional services, they might have meeting rooms they rent out or other initiatives that help them cover their costs.


It can be difficult to publicise these services effectively, however, they are a vital part of what you offer to the public, and a key source of revenue to help run your operations, so you need to find ways of advertising them.


A digital kiosk isn’t just a one trick pony that’s there to take donations, it’s a complete digital solution designed to maximise engagement with your organisation. This means you can show off all the services you provide with dynamic advertising.


You offer valuable services, and the people want to know about them, but you’ve got to find the best ways of communicating your offerings and a digital kiosk really helps with this.



Data Collection



When you offer beneficial services, people want to be kept in the loop about what’s going on.


If you hand out a flyer, people might think “oh that’s a lovely idea” but then they put the flyer down somewhere and forget about it. If someone interacts with a digital kiosk though and see’s the same event, you can ask them if they would like to set an email reminder before the event starts.


We often hear about the negative sides of data collection, but when it’s done in a responsible manner, there are a lot of positives to it. People want to get the most out of the services you offer, and by giving you details such as their email address, this allows you to keep them informed about what’s going on.


Through this personalised contact with your followers, you can develop stronger relationships and benefit from higher levels of engagement. Data collection means you can stay in contact with your donors long after the first touchpoint, turning one and done donations into long lasting relationships.


Meridian’s digital kiosks are built to help foster a closer relationship between you and your followers, but they do so in accordance with GDPR and with data protection firmly in mind. Through your new solution, you will be able to enhance your communication without putting end-users at risk.



Boost Your ROI with Advertising


If you have a large audience engaging with your digital kiosks then local businesses will be eager to reach those people.


This offers your organisation another way of boosting its revenues and achieving a greater return on investment from your kiosk. You’re in complete control of what advertising you show and when, so you can ensure you’re working with businesses that reflect your values.


This is generally not the main reason organisations invest in a digital kiosk, but it just demonstrates the flexibility of this technology and how it can benefit your operations in different ways.


You have a loyal and engaged audience who are hungry for information and businesses will be willing to pay good money to advertise on your platform This enables your kiosk to quickly earn back your investment and start earning a good ROI.



What Meridian Offers


Your kiosk is completely customisable, so Meridian works with you every step of the way to make sure your digital solutions fit your needs.


There’s a large selection of models (hardware) to choose from,but the real customizability comes from the software. Your software can be tailored to suit your needs, incorporating digital signage, transactional services, data collection, appointment creation and many more capabilities.


Because we take the time to get to know your organisation inside out, we will advise you on the options you have available, and work with our trusted software developers to offer you a bespoke product.


Our close relationships with software developers Unity for software development, and transaction processing company Retail Merchant Services mean you’re working with trusted experts throughout the process. Working together as a team, we take every necessary step to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.


Even after you’ve received your kiosk, we're always around to help answer any questions you might have and ensure you're getting as much benefit from your digital solution as possible.


By working together to incorporate innovative technology into your organisation, we can ensure that you continue to play a central role in your community whilst building revenues that secure your future.


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