Face Mask Mode for Personnel Management Kiosk

22 Jul 2020


With much of Europe already requiring the use of face masks in public spaces, this week the UK will come into line by requiring the use of face masks in shops and supermarkets.


The WHO’s guidance around masks has changed over the course of the pandemic, and this has been reflected in changing guidance from governments. However, we’re now out of lockdown, and crucially, some studies are suggesting that “80 percent of the population wearing masks would do more to reduce COVID-19 spread than a strict lockdown.”


Many governments have adopted the face mask thoroughly into public life, but even in countries that aren’t enforcing the regulations as strictly, it can be beneficial for your business to adopt more stringent practices.


You want to keep your employees and customers safe, and crucially, give them the confidence to interact with your company.


One of the ways you can do this is through Meridian’s “Face Mask Mode” which is built into the Personnel Management Kiosk.


Here are some ways this can benefit your business.


woman wearing mask


Require Masks for Access


With the Meridian Personnel Management Kiosk, you can require people to wear a mask before they gain access to your premises.


The facial recognition technology will scan all guests and employees for a fever, and be able to tell whether or not they’re wearing a mask. The system is then linked to your doors, allowing access for those people without a fever who are wearing a mask.


This allows you to take care of your entry points automatically, without having to pay fulltime staff members to sit and tell people to put masks on or use handheld digital thermometers. With less human interaction, you can keep your staff and guests safer, and provide a more sanitary environment.


Identify Faces Even with Masks On


Controlling entry to your building is important not only for basic security but also to help stop the spread of COVID. You want to be able to control who has access to your building and understand how many people you have in the vicinity at any point.


The Personnel Management Kiosk can store and recognise thousands of faces, allowing your business to clock employees in and out whilst allowing access to authorised guests. This capability is still entirely accurate when the person is wearing a mask, meaning they don’t have to take it off and compromise safety in order to gain access.


This aspect is particularly important in buildings where security is a priority, but it’s also an increasingly important part of being able to run our businesses effectively during these times.


Record Accurate Temperatures


One of the main symptoms of COVID is a high temperature, and so, screening people for fever before they enter your building is an extra layer of defence you have against the spread of the virus.


With Meridian’s Personnel Management Kiosk, you can accurately scan people’s temperature even if they’re wearing a mask. This allows those people without a temperature to enter the building as normal, and stops people with a fever from coming in and potentially spreading the virus further.


While there is no legislation enforcing screening for temperature, it is an extra layer of safety you can offer that gives people extra confidence to engage with your business.




Ensuring customers are wearing face masks is becoming a reality for many businesses around the content. With a Personnel Management Kiosk, this can be done automatically and combined with temperature scanning to boost the safety of your customers and staff.


You want your COVID protocol to be as easy on your business and customers as possible, and our personnel management solution is a way to ensure this.


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