Industry Applications for Meridian Personnel Management Kiosk

26 Aug 2020

Personnel management has always been important for business, but with Coronavirus, it has become more important than ever.


Businesses need to know who is in their building, spread awareness about company policy, limit the number of staff on site at one time, and as a bonus, screen for temperature. The Meridian personnel management kiosk allows businesses to do this, and has been successful across a number of industries.


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What Industries Has it Been Successful In?


Meridian has worked with businesses across Europe to help them implement new safety policies in the wake of the COVID pandemic.


Here’s a sample of some of the industries where you will find a Meridian personnel management kiosk:


  • Finance - To facilitate social distancing and mask wearing in an office setting.


  • Manufacturing and Engineering - In both an office and factory setting.


  • Chemical Manufacturer - To help reopen the plant post lockdown


  • Facilities Management - Helping to secure facilities and ensure safety of staff and visitors.


  • IT Software Company - Facilitating the re-opening of European offices


  • Transport and Logistics/ Warehousing - Need to quickly and accurately scan for temperatures.


  • Entertainment and Music Venue - As part of a complete plan to safely bring guests back to live music.


  • Shoe Manufacturer - Giving guests the confidence to buy shoes in store, and allowing for the safe re-opening of the factory.


  • Real Estate - Re-opening of offices to the public.


Overcoming Challenges


Every business is unique, and each one comes to us with its own personal challenges it needs to overcome.


Checking employees in and out of work, and controlling building access have always been important, but with Coronavirus, it has presented extra challenges.


Here are some of the challenges our clients faced and how we helped them overcome them:


Publicising New Safety Best Practices


Governments have issued guidelines on safety best practices in light of COVID, but businesses still have a duty to reinforce those guidelines, and expand on them where they see necessary.


Informing staff and visitors about those policies and ensuring they are followed isn’t always easy though, and many have turned to Meridian’s technology to help them with this.


Through the personnel management system and additional digital signage, our clients have been able to ensure people are well informed about safety protocol from the moment they step into the building. Furthermore, with additional features such as face mask mode, the personnel management kiosk ensures people are following protocol before they are granted access onto the premises.


Ensuring Confidence


One issue our clients have talked about is the fact that part of the challenge is not just offering a safe environment for employees and visitors, but also demonstrating the fact it is a safe environment.


One of the major benefits of personnel management kiosks (aside from the obvious safety ones) is that they are visible. They are placed at all entrance points and give staff and customers tangible proof that your business is taking every precaution to ensure their safety.


This has boosted confidence in our clients’ ability to handle the situation, helping employees get back to work and encouraging customers to do business again.


Effective Safety Protocols with Manageable Costs



It’s imperative that businesses implement the right safety measures, but there has to be a limit to the costs associated.




One problem businesses have found is that they want to implement measures such as temperature screening, and closer management of building access, but it takes up valuable man hours. If you’re working with limited resources, then this can mean those extra safety measures are just not feasible.


With Meridian’s personnel management kiosk though, you have all these capabilities, but you don’t have to have someone constantly manning it. You don’t have to pay a machine which means this technology quickly earns back it’s investment versus manual alternatives.


Safety vs Convenience


Just as safety has to be weighed up against costs, it’s the same thing with convenience.

You want to make your staff and customers as safe as possible, but you can’t make it so inconvenient that it puts them off doing business with you in the first place.


The key thing with the personnel management kiosk is that it scans temperature, signs someone into work, and checks to make sure they're wearing a mask and it does so in around three seconds.


All you’ve got to do is put your face in front of the camera, and then you’re free to go on with your business. This has allowed our clients to boost safety without inconveniencing their staff and customers.




Like businesses around the world, our clients are desperate to offer their staff and customers the safest environment possible. However, this has to be balanced with convenience and feasibility.


Across many different industries, our clients have found the best way to achieve this is by incorporating technology into their safety policies, allowing them to get back to business, and help put their employees and customers at ease.


There’s no silver bullet to the Coronavirus issue, but by taking serious steps such as integrating Meridian’s personnel management kiosk into your business, you can create a safer environment, and get your business running again.



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