Secure stakeholder buy-in for self-service solutions with our ROI Calculator

27 Jan 2020

Have you been considering the implementation of a self-service kiosk for your
business? For most organisations, the decision to buy in new technology won’t be
taken lightly so it’s helpful to be able to work out the return on investment. In this
blog we’ll take a look at the features and benefits of this key element of the digital
transformation process for commercial businesses and public sector organisations,
and share a brilliant tool for working out ROI.

Why self-service?

Customer experience is a hot topic! Whereas price was once the most important
differentiator for consumers who were looking to make a purchase, customer
experience is now a key factor too. What’s more, if a customer has a bad experience
with a brand, they have the tools (the internet!) at their disposal to quickly and easily
find an alternative. Slow customer service and queuing to speak to a member of staff
are real bugbears, so what can businesses do?
Self-service digital solutions, for example informational or transactional kiosks,
deliver a range of benefits to both your customers and your business. They allow
customers to check in, order products or services, look up information and even pay
bills, all without having to wait in a queue. They can be accessed 24/7 and free up
customer service staff for answering more complex queries. The result is a lean,
efficient business offering customers a smooth and informative experience.

The extra benefits

Self-service screens and kiosks can also be utilised by other areas of the business
outside of customer service. Savvy companies choose to display the very latest
offers and products alongside the information or service the person is viewing. Time-
limited and seasonal offers can be rolled out remotely and a sudden event (for
example a spell of very warm or exceptionally snowy weather) might be the trigger to
upsell a different product line or service.

The ROI of digital transformation

The benefits of implementing self-service digital kiosks are clear, but in order to gain
the support of senior management or the person in charge of budgets, it is
necessary to calculate the ROI. Here at Meridian we’re always ready to help people
gain a better understanding of how the technology will help their business offer a
lean, effective customer service and drive an increase in revenue, but if you’re still at

the stage of just researching it, our brilliant ROI calculator will be a big help:
Meridian ROI Calculator

Once you’ve had a play with the calculator, if you would like more information to help
you build a watertight case for the next step of purchasing approval why not drop us
a line? Our expert team will help you select the Meridian product that suits your
needs the best and helps drive those key digital transformation projects you’re
working on.

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