The Digital Kiosk Benefits that Boost Your ROI

17 Jun 2020

Using innovative technology is a great way to show people that you’re a modern, forward-thinking brand. However, if you’re going to invest significant money in new technology, it needs to do more than just intrigue.


It’s no use people being wowed by your digital kiosk if you don’t see tangible benefits for your business, so of course, any technology is going to be judged by its return on investment.


When you invest in a digital kiosk though, you’re getting a piece of technology that has been specifically designed to boost ROI for your business, and the best part is, it’s adaptable.


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A digital kiosk can:


  • Be specific to your industry and your business’s needs
  • Instantly change your messaging
  • Help you identify ways to improve ROI
  • Quickly adapt to changing circumstances


While we’re sure our kiosks will wow your customers as well, it’s some of the lesser known digital kiosk benefits that can have a huge impact on your ROI.


A Better Use of Resources


One of the most obvious benefits of a digital kiosk is that you don’t have to pay a machine. It doesn’t get sick, it doesn’t have bad days, and every penny it earns after the day it’s covered the initial investment is pure profit.


With a kiosk taking over tasks such as taking and fulfilling orders, this allows you to reassign staff that would have been performing these functions to other jobs that require a human touch to help grow the business.



When kiosks can take care of jobs such as taking bookings and do them as well, if not better than a human, then this gives you much more flexibility around how you organise your resources.


You can then focus your human talent on doing the jobs that grow the business, rather than the jobs that just help facilitate current levels of demand.


For example, a person taking orders at McDonald’s is helping to facilitate current levels of demand, but the only way to meet higher levels of demand (without a kiosk) is to add more people who take orders. However, with a kiosk doing this job, that person who is taking orders can be reassigned to an area where humans are needed to in order to grow the business and meet increased demand (advertising, cooking burgers, cleaning, etc).


24hr Presence


A digital kiosk can work for your business morning, noon and night.


This offers your customers one of the things they crave the most - convenience.


  • If your customer has an important plumbing job early in the morning but can’t get to you during working hours, then no problem, you can put the parts in a smart locker, and they can collect it whenever they like.


  • If someone is lost in the middle of a park, and their phone has run out of battery, then no problem, they can look at an interactive map, or even make a phone call through the kiosk.


Digital kiosks not only give your business a 24hr brand presence, but they give your business 24hr capabilities to help your customers. You might not get many people using your kiosk in the middle of the night, but the idea that they can, if they need to, is something that can help inspire brand loyalty.


Convenience plays a huge part in customer loyalty, and there are few things more convenient than being able to get exactly what you want when you want and that’s what a kiosk gives you.


Remotely Adjust Messaging to Suit Your Goals


You’re in complete control of your kiosk, and you can adjust its messaging remotely in accordance with your goals.


person using screen


Have you ever been to a restaurant, and the table next to you gets told the specials menu by the waiter, but you don’t? Well, that’s not because you’re any less important than the table next to you, it’s because humans forget things, and a busy waiter, either forgot the specials or in the interests of time-saving skipped over them.


With a human, you’re roughly in control of the message - you inform the waiters what the specials are and remind them to keep telling the customers. With a kiosk though, you are 100% in control of the message down to the last letter.


If someone is walking around the park and looks at your interactive map, this means you can make the interaction finish with “the sun’s out, why not check out our ice cream stand?.” If it’s raining two hours later, the interactions can end with “Keep out of the rain, check out our umbrella stand.”


You’re in control of the message and this can make a huge difference to your ROI.


Endless Software Possibilities


One big digital kiosk benefit is that you’re not just buying any old kiosk, you’re buying a kiosk that’s specific to your industry and the needs of your business.


The hardware in a digital signage kiosk in a dental practice might be the same as one in a park, but the software is going to be very different. This is because each unit is designed with your business’s ROI in mind. The possibilities with bespoke software are endless, and this opens up all sorts of different ways to boost your ROI.


For example:


  • In a dental practice, you might use AR, to show a live image of what someone might look like with straightened teeth or whitened teeth.


  • This wouldn’t be necessary in a park, but instead, they might want interactive videos about the flora and fauna in the surrounding area.


It’s not the machine itself that makes the difference to your ROI, it’s the small details, and that’s why Meridian puts so much time into understanding the needs of your business.


Track Performance


Data is one of the most important commodities in a modern-day business. It helps companies improve their performance in all areas and kiosks give you access to huge amounts of it.


Let’s go back to our kiosk in the park: you’ve got thousands of people walking by each day, but how do people interact with the digital signage and what messages are they interested in?


With kiosk analytics, you can track:


  • How many people use the kiosk
  • How long each person spends interacting with the product
  • How people scroll on the page
  • Which messages are performing best
  • Conversion rates


When you have humans performing these tasks, they can get a feel for certain trends, but they don’t collect the cold hard data. It’s this data though that allows you to optimise and make the incremental changes that boost your ROI.


Digital Kiosk Advertising


The ability to put advertising on your digital kiosk is just another way to boost your ROI. If you have thousands of people engaging with your digital signage each day, then companies will be willing to pay good money to get their message in front of your audience.


Again, the big thing is that you’re in control. If you want to focus on selling your own products and services, then you can do that, but if you want to boost your ROI by selling advertising, then that’s just another way to increase your revenue streams.


The more people you have engaging with your digital kiosk, the more advertisers are going to offer you to make use of your audience.


It’s a Service - Not Just a Product


At Meridian, we don’t want to just give you a kiosk, we want to use our expertise to maximise your return on investment.


Kiosks offer some amazing technology that can wow customers, but that’s not all we’re here to do. Our focus is on making sure that wow factor translates into an impressive ROI, and the way we do this is by working closely with our clients to make sure every aspect of their product is optimised to suit their business needs.


The idea behind embracing technology is that it squeezes every ounce of performance out of your business, and there’s no point having a digital kiosk if it’s only performing at 50% of its capabilities.


That’s why we don’t just offer a product, we offer a service that has your ROI at its centre.




People might be tempted to look at digital kiosks as a bit of a gimmick, but the bottom line is that they’re a valuable asset for any business.


The biggest benefits of incorporating digital kiosks into your business are the combustibility and flexibility they offer. This means that you get a product that is perfectly adapted to meet your business’s needs and help it achieve its goals.


It’s not just your business’s goals that a kiosk helps fulfil though, as they also make a huge difference to the way your customers interact with your business. From both the customer’s and your business’s point of view, there are numerous upsides to digital kiosks, and it’s going to show when you see a big return on your investment.


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